Massive 'sea creature' washes up on beach in Indonesia

The monster has started to decay prompting residents to urge the government to have its remains quickly removed.

Now, the dead animal has become a bit of a local celebrity, as residents stop by to catch a glimpse of whatever it might be.

Mysterious sightings have also been seen near New Zealand.

The bloated 15 metre corpse is believed to have been dead for at least three days by the time it was found.

An analysis of the images concluded that the find was actually the remains of a basking shark.

This creature is far too large to be a squid of any type.

It is thought to be almost 50 feet (15 meters) long and 6-7 meters wide.

Some fishermen believe the creature was a giant squid, while others speculated it was a giant octopus.

The decaying remains of an unidentified sea creature have washed up on the coast of Indonesia.

A group of marine scientists were reportedly scheduled to take samples of the creature on Thursday, according to Detik.

"We often get tropical and subtropical species here, and when they cool down, they stay here and then die", Kim added.

Another mysterious, two ton sea creature washed up on a shore in the Philippines earlier in 2017.

It was later identified as a whale - but had developed a unusual appearance due to decomposition.

  • Valerie Cook