McDonald's expands delivery partnership with UberEats

We're not there quite yet, but it seems as though McDonald's delivery in the United Kingdom could soon be a thing. However, with UberEats's $5 delivery charge, the expense may outweigh the convenience.

Customers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus and Phoenix can now enjoy the McDonald's menu delivered right to their home or work through the app. Among the selections include Tito's, Don Julio, Stella Artois and Dom Perignon. There's also the risk that a customer might be disappointed with soggy fries or a warm soft drink. Last year, the Golden Arches garnered almost $1 billion in delivery sales globally.

McDonald's has just officially announced the delivery service and it is scheduled to start on May 17. "But when you look at our real estate footprint, we are so close to so much of the population, delivery times are very tight". The strongest markets being Asia and the Middle east, where top delivery restaurants generate up to 40 percent of their sales from the service. "We're getting great reviews (of the food)".

McDonald's is now catering to those who are too lazy to get up and drive through the drive-thru.

Last year, McDonald's said it generated almost $1 billion in delivery sales globally across both its company-owned and franchised restaurants. The expansion means delivery is offered at 1,000 restaurants across the country, including 300 in the L.A. -area alone. "We're widening the net to be convenient to more people".

The most popular McDonald's orders via UberEats in Florida are geared toward crowds.

More hungry customers can now get their Big Macs, fries, beverages and desserts delivered right to their door.

  • Bernice Underwood