Planned Parenthood to close four centers in Iowa

Planned Parenthood says it's closing four of its 12 clinics in Iowa, including the clinic in Sioux City, after the legislature cut its state funding.

The abortion vendor's affiliates in Farmington, Rio Rancho, and Nob Hill in Albuquerque will close, reports local KOAT News.

"This is a case of extreme Iowa politicians deciding they know what's better for a woman's health than the women actually seeking care, with devastating consequences", said Suzanna de Baca, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, in a statement.

The health centers slated for closing are in Sioux City, Bettendorf, Burlington and Keokuk.

The locations served by those four Planned Parenthood clinics represent both sides of the state, and some of its most densely populated communities.

Mansanares said that most Wyoming Planned Parenthood patrons use the abortion chain's Fort Collins, Colorado location.

Planned Parenthood and its supporters have tried to push back against the measures, arguing they could lead to gutting services for the millions of people who rely on the organization for their health care.

While Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider Iowa, the Hyde Amendment already prohibits federal funding for abortion (except in instances of rape, incest, or danger to the mother's life).

There are still several questions about how Iowa's new state-run program will work, said Jodi Tomlonovic, executive director of the Family Planning Council of Iowa.

That's the fundamental point of legislation like this: to close clinics, to end safe abortion access, and to leave marginalized women-mainly women of color, immigrant women, young women, and low-income women-with no health care. Plus, Tomlonovic wondered, "Is it going to take us six weeks to get you in ... for what we consider very time-sensitive services?"

The Center for Medical Progress videos strengthened efforts to defund the abortion provider, which has received about $500 million in federal funding each year for non-abortion services.

A spokesperson from the organization says defunding at the state level has forced the closures, leaving more than 14,000 Iowans without access to certain services.

Phillips said the regional office will direct its support to the Wyoming Abortion Fund, which helps provide money to women who can't afford the procedure or the travel associated with the appointment.

Department spokeswoman Amy McCoy said participants will need to bring proof of coverage to receive those services.

"I'm sure that Gov. Branstad, Lt. Governor (Kim) Reynolds and legislative Republicans are celebrating the closing of these clinics", said Sen.

  • Bernice Underwood