Senate sends $1.1T spending bill to Trump

Missouri's U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, a fellow Republican, said he understood Trump's frustration with the Senate requirement for 60 votes to pass legislation, but cautioned against rushing to blow up the long standing rule. "Rather than trying to pass a different version of the same Trumpcare bill that would mean higher costs and less care, Senate Republicans should refuse to follow their House colleagues over a cliff, reject repeal, and work with Democrats to improve our healthcare system in a bipartisan way". He advocated in one tweet for a "good shutdown" in September to fix the "mess" that produced the bill, but then appeared in the White House Rose Garden hours later to boast that the measure amounted to a big win for him.

He called for more Republican Senators to be elected in 2018, or for the rules to be changed to 51%.

And Democrats and the pragmatic Republicans who negotiated the bill successfully defended other accounts targeted by Trump such as foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, support for the arts, and economic development grants, among others.

Earlier on April 7, Senate Republicans voted to end the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees after a historic change to the congressional body's rules, allowing them to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch with only a majority vote.

It is odd to have a president in charge of the government encourage a shutdown of it, especially since less than two weeks ago, Trump said he didn't want one.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Trump administration says its budget compromise with Congress includes hundreds of millions of dollars in border wall funding.

"The president has said that Americans would win so much they'd be exhausted of winning", Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., said on the House floor.

"I would be happy to visit with the president on anything", McCaskill said, "but I think he's focused most of his time and energy in only working with Republicans".

So when the narrative started to become that he didn't get what he wanted out of a new spending bill, which will keep the government open through September, Trump got upset. It reflects bipartisan culture among congressional appropriators, who long ago sorted out numerous spending fights Trump wants to renew this summer - over foreign aid, funding for the arts, Amtrak subsidies, grants to state and local governments, and development agencies like the Appalachian Regional Commission.

The White House meeting and Ryan's optimism comes with House leaders short of votes for their drive to repeal much of President Barack Obama's health care law.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is determined to avoid shutdowns that damage the party's reputation, signaled Trump is going to have to deal with the hand he's been dealt. The White House has said he'll sign the bill.

Under the compromise measure, the Pentagon's funding increased, a priority that had been laid out by Republicans and Trump. The final vote Thursday was 217-213.

Conservatives are also furious that the legislation doesn't block funding to Planned Parenthood, but Trump said that, too, would be resolved "at the appropriate time".

After bragging that the bill increases military spending, Trump said, "And we didn't do any touting like the Democrats did, by the way".

"I'd be hard-pressed to figure how we could fund more of the priorities", Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters Monday.

Meanwhile, Democrats were able to protect funding for programs that were facing large cuts under the president's proposal.

During the campaign, Trump would fly thousands of miles back to New York City to sleep in his own bed, leaving the impression that he would make frequent trips home after he became president.

A friend points out that the somewhere in its 1,665 pages the spending bill funds the awful Eisenhower Memorial.

  • Tracy Klein