3 dead in shooting at Texas auto dealership

- Cell phone video shows the confrontation between two bounty hunters and a fugitive inside a Greenville vehicle dealership Tuesday that left all three men dead.

Cell phone video shows the moment two bounty hunters tried to apprehend Hutchinson in the Greenville, Texas vehicle dealership.

The bounty hunters identified as Gabriel Bernal, 33, and Fidel Garcia, 54, waited more than two hours until their fugitive arrived in the company of a Nissan customer.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office in Minneapolis issued a warrant for Hutchinson after he failed to appear on a first-degree felony drug charge.

That's when Hutchinson tried to draw a pistol, but dropped it on a desk, eventually picking it up and firing after a struggle with the bounty hunters, who returned fire, according to the City of Greenville.

"I've been told that the two gentlemen approached him with handcuffs, who were going to try to arrest him, and that's when the shooting started", Ford said. The owner of the dealership said the bounty hunters had claimed they were federal agents, Fox News reports.

Police said the three fired approximately 20 shots in just six seconds.

A shooting inside a Texas auto dealership has left a fugitive and two bounty hunters that were chasing him dead. Bail bond companies usually pay bounty hunters 10 percent of the bond to capture people who fail to appear in court.

A gun tumbles from Hutchinson's hands before he picks it up.

Fox News has obtained video footage of the moment where several shots ring out.

The shooter in last night's incident at the Nissan of Greenville dealership in Greenville TX has been identified as Ramon Hutchinson Jr.

All three subjects suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene, the release said. Peters said he finds it hard to believe the two would have claimed to be federal agents.

Some time around 7 p.m., the man they were waiting for did arrive. He served as an at-large director in the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. He said he would've done things differently just knowing the basics of what happened.

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