You Are Now Free to Bare Your Boobs on This Maryland Beach

The Worcester County's state's attorney, in turn, asked Maryland's attorney general for an opinion.

"The woman has provided what she believes is legal justification for her to be allowed to sunbathe and walk about our beaches topless", Arbin wrote.

'At its core, the topfreedom movement is about equality under the law, ' she told WBOC.

Chelsea Covington, an advocate for normalizing toplessness, asked Worcester County's state's attorney past year to examine the law. Instead, they are to record the complaints.

Covington was told that the opinion from the attorney general would arrive in three to nine months, and now, nine months later, women can bare all on Ocean City beaches, unfettered.

Local mayor Rick Meehan isn't so sanguine about the issue. "We assure you we share those concerns and intend to do whatever is necessary to prevent this from happening on our beach, or in any public area in Ocean City".

When most people think of European beaches, topless women and guys wearing Speedos (most of whom should not be doing so) probably come to mind. The mayor of Ocean City and the City Council are both opposed to the act.

However, the Town Of Ocean City explained in a Facebook post that the police department will be responding to calls from patrol officers, as well as any complaints from the public. Covington said past year that her advocacy isn't simply about swimwear, and that she hopes to combat "feelings of body and gender shame in young girls and adult women". "That puts us in a very uneasy position".

Arbin stressed in the memo that while they are waiting of guidance in topless cases, the exposure of genitals by either a male or a female is considered indecent exposure and is a violation of state law. "Entrenched negative prejudices about female breasts discourage breastfeeding, cement the idea that women do not get to decide when they are to be perceived as sexual or not, and give rise to victim blaming, rape culture and bullying".

  • Bernice Underwood