Pokemon GO finally adds legendary pokemon to raids

Zapdos is seen in a trailer for legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These Pokemon will help trainers defeat Raid Battles and Gym Battles, but can not be left behind to defend gyms due to their strength imbalance.

Last week, Niantic confirmed that players who cannot be physically present in the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago can still join the festivities.

Interestingly, neither Aeroblast nor Sacred Fire are now in Pokemon Go, so Niantic would need to update the GAME_MASTER file (which contains all the movesets and stats for Pokemon within the game) if these attacks were to be part of Lugia and Ho-Oh's arsenal. The Legendaries have a chance of appearing as eggs at Gyms. However, the legendaries do have unique moves that will make fighting them a lot different than fighting in a Tier 4 Raid Battle.

The trailer posted below provides a glimpse at how Trainers can cooperate to find, battle, and catch a Legendary Pokemon. The upside to this is that even just catching one or two Legendary Pokemon can already significantly boost a player's attack strength.

Should they fail at unlocking the Legendary Pokemon, will we have to wait for next year or something?

While Pokemon GO has had its fair share of missteps since launch, its commercials and advertising have always excelled at pitching the game as a fun way to bring entire cities together to catch their favorite Pokemon. A new trailer (above) shows players receiving a special invitation for a Legendary Raid.

In just a few days, Pokemon GO developer Niantic will be celebrating the mobile title's first birthday with an extravagant event being held in Chicago's Grant Park, but before then, it has just one more update to roll out before the weekend break.

Apart from the Legendary Pokemon, the rare second generation Pokemon are also expected to appear in the raids during the challenge.

  • Kara Saunders