Final Fantasy 15 teased for Switch, will be release on mobile platforms

Square Enix want this to be a version of Final Fantasy XV which gives players the freedom to journey through Eos "whenever and wherever they want".

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata teased something Final Fantasy XV-related for Switch during a Gamescom 2017 Twitch live stream today. The publisher also revealed some exclusive graphical features that will be available exclusively in Final Fantasy XV PC version.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition looks like a curious addition to the expansive Final Fantasy 15 universe, which is also set to include Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15 this November. If FFXV were to end up on the Nintendo Switch then there would definitely need to be some compromises.

The announcement is particularly surprising given there is already a Final Fantasy XV title on mobile, titled Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. If we hear any more about this project we'll let you know right away, because this is the version we're most likely to actually play through and finish!

The trailer - which you can see above - showcases a selection of scenes from the original game, in new adorable chibi form. The game requires some beefy specs, so only time will tell if Square Enix can get it up and running on the Switch. The game will be released episodically, with all ten episodes being available at launch and the first being free to download. Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

  • Kara Saunders