Local volunteers to assist Red Cross with Hurricane Harvey response

The crew was deployed with big rigs containing 49 tons of special rescue and relief equipment "designed to support swift water and flooding emergencies", Humphrey said.

Colorado Task Force 1 has deployed several first responders to assist with the rescue and recovery efforts underway in Texas as Tropical Storm Harvey leaves a large stretch of the state flooded.

At least two people were dead and 12 or more were injured as a result of the hurricane Sunday morning.

Keith Morin, a Tucson area Red Cross volunteer is heading to Texas to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The volunteers will take an emergency response vehicle all the way to major disaster zones in Texas.

Volunteers from NE Wisconsin are among those arriving ahead of the storm and in the days following.

Red Cross spokesperson Barbara Behling says one of the Green Bay volunteers is on scene and running a mega-shelter in Houston.

"We're at that point, we're doing a full call-out to volunteers in the state, asking them to update their availability, be ready to go", said Fortune.

"It's tiring, its emotionally draining but it's also extremely rewarding because we to meet with people we get to see right there before us the differences that were making", Hendrix said.

There are other options, but the main message stressed by disaster officials is that relief organizations do their best work, quickly, by receiving financial donations, not donations of food, clothing or other supplies.

"At this point we're using up enormous sums of money in order to provide all of the assistance that we do provide".

  • Tracy Klein