White Supremacists in Charlottesville Show Alt-Right's True Colors

When interviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation, the militia groups states that they were not choosing sides, and that they were present in order to protect everyone's First Amendment rights. President Trump called on Americans to "come together as one".

It was not clear if any one was taken into custody.

During the incident an Associated Press reporter saw at least one person on the ground receiving medical treatment immediately after the auto careened into a group of people several hundred strong.

"As President of the University of Virginia, I am deeply saddened and disturbed by the hateful behavior displayed by torch-bearing protestors that marched on our Grounds this evening". A silver sedan smashed into another auto, then backed up, barrelling through "a sea of people".

As of about 12:30 p.m., Charlottesville police reported that one person had been arrested and eight people had been treated for injuries by emergency workers. Others were injured. The counter-protest hit by the vehicle was a peaceful one.

A police cruiser shown amid protests and counter-demonstrators descended on the small city of Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday.

The incident capped off a day of violence and chaos that began when white nationalists gathered for a rally, waving confederate flags and chanting Nazi slogans.

Saturday's rally marks the second time in six weeks that Charlottesville has faced a protest from white supremacist groups for its decision to remove the statue.

The park used to be named Lee Park, after the Confederate general, but Charlottesville City Council voted to change its name in June.

Organizers say the Unite the Right rally on Saturday aims to "unify the right-wing against a totalitarian Communist crackdown" and to protest "displacement level immigration policies" in the U.S. and Europe.

Other politicians didn't have issues calling out the people who were responsible. Last month، Ku Klux Klan supporters staged a march in Virginia - but were outnumbered by counter protesters.

The Unite the Right rally aims to "unify the right-wing against a totalitarian Communist crackdown" and "affirm the right of Southerners and white people to organize for their interests just like any other group is able to do".

Police officers who had been keeping a wary eye on the march jumped in and broke up the fights.

Images: Violence Erupts at White Nationalist Rally in Va. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia and Rutherford Institute, filed an injunction early Friday, demanding that the rally continue as planned and won. The suit claims that Kessler's first amendment and constitutional rights were violated because on August 7, city officials initially tried to revoke his original event permit, and then changed the location of the event.

  • Gwendolyn Kim