1500 more guardsmen from state sent to Texas

"The Indiana National Guard stands ready and is well prepared to assist in any way needed for our friends in Texas", said Maj.

In 2005, the Arkansas Guard sent about 3,000 troops to the Gulf Coast to assist Hurricane Katrina recovery, said Spc.

The Guard tweeted a picture of a military helicopter and soldiers announcing "The @MNNationalGuard is on way to help the @TXMilitary, @texasgov w/ #HarveyRelief!"

Hutchinson's office says the guardsmen will leave on Saturday and the deployment could be up to 30 days.

The soldiers will mostly work search-and-rescue missions, spokesman Lt. "We're proud of those families too".

Headrick said they don't have a timeline on how long they could be there, but the National Guard said more soldiers could head to Texas this week.

The latest group joins two Pennsylvania CH-47 Chinook Helicopters sent September 1 to aid the efforts.

Hapgood added that this is not the first time Iowa soldiers have been called on following a major storm. Their transport is a helicopter brought down by the National Guard from the Dallas area, but it has a story of its own.

On Sunday, 400 service members left the reserve center in Mustang, one day after some of their colleagues were deployed from Norman.

First Sergeant Ron Schroeder said there's a lot of concern over the already-historic water levels rising even more.

The team will help with moving supplies, equipment, and people.

  • Tracy Klein