Indian PM leaves for BRICS Summit in China

The upcoming BRICS summit will derive the way forward for practical and comprehensive cooperation between member countries and other emerging economies, the organizing committee said on Saturday.

"I am convinced that as long as we take a holistic approach to fighting terrorism in all its forms, and address both its symptoms and root causes, terrorists will have no place to hide,"Xi said while delivering a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum scheduled for September 3-4 in the south-eastern coastal city of Xiamen".

A possible meeting between Modi and Chinese leader Xi on the margins of the Summit will be a major focus at a time when ties between the two major powers have nosedived over a number of issues including the Dokalam stand-off.

Issues of mutual concern such as worldwide conflicts, the fight against terrorism, and reform of the global system of governance, notably the democratisation of the United Nations and the Bretton Woods Institutions will also be discussed. "BRICS has important contributions to make in addressing global challenges and upholding world peace and security", Modi said.

"Since the (Doklam) dispute has been resolved, the Xiamen meeting (bilateral meet between Modi and Xi) will be a turning point", Wang Dehua, an expert at one of China's top think tanks the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said.

Xiamen: The BRICS group of emerging economies must promote trade liberalisation and an open world economy, Chinese president Xi Jinping said at a business meeting on Sunday at the start of a three-day summit being held in southeastern China.

Indian PM leaves for BRICS Summit in China

"India attaches high importance to the role of BRICS that has begun a second decade of its partnership for progress and peace".

Analysts say that approach demonstrates the openness and inclusiveness of the BRICS mechanism and will create more opportunities for developing nations to cooperate on trade, investment, e-commerce and more areas. "Terror modules around the world are linked to this mother-ship", said Modi in October past year, in Goa.

The Myanmarese president and Suu Kyi had visited India past year. "I am also keen to meet and interact with the Indian-origin community of Myanmar, whose history goes back more than a century", he said.

It may be a coincidence, but on similar two occasions, Prime Minister Modi had left on foreign trips after effecting changes in his council of ministers.

The 9th annual BRICS summit will try a new format, while keeping the agenda revolving around traditional grouping's priorities.

  • Tracy Klein