Amazon to launch new delivery service that could curb theft

Amazon Key is a new service for Prime members that lets you get packages delivered into your home without you being there.

Amazon has a new product for online shoppers who worry about their delivered packages sitting on the porch or doorstep for too long.

Amazon Key is available to prime members at a cost. The camera has night vision, so you can tell if it's panic room time or just your friendly neighbourhood Amazon delivery person leaving the next Mario game inside your house.

Amazon Key deliveries will only be from Amazon, not other shipping services or the U.S. Postal Service.

When the delivery person arrives, they will knock, and then scan the package to a Wi-Fi connected lock. For the time being, Amazon will only allow its own delivery people to make the in-home drop-offs, but there are plans to extend the Key to other service providers like cleaners, house sitters, and dog walkers. Amazon Key works in two parts: choosing in-home delivery while checking out on Amazon and providing access to your home through Amazon's new Key in-home kit, which includes a smart lock provided by Kwikset or Yale and a special version of the company's new Cloud Cam security camera. Customers can stay on top of in-home deliveries with real-time alerts and by watching the video of the delivery either in real time or after it's completed.

The Amazon Cloud Cam and smart lock. Amazon says you should avoid using the service if you have pets that could escape through the front door.

Amazon says the system will be made available on November 8 in 37 cities, including Atlanta, Cleveland and Denver. Amazon emphasizes that its workers are not allowed to enter a home.

  • Valerie Cook