Germany: Knife attack suspect arrested in Munich

None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. Four people received minor injuries in the attack.

Police issued a description of the suspect, who appeared to be about 40-years-old and riding a black bicycle.

Police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins said the man was arrested about three hours after Saturday morning's incident in an area near downtown Munich. They're not yet sure whether he is the assailant. So far there is no information about the attacker's motives.

"There are absolutely no indications at present of a terrorist, political or religious background, though we can only rule things out when all the questioning is finished", Chief Andrae said.

He said police have "no serious doubts" that the suspect was the assailant, and that there was no longer any danger to the public.

Because of the attack, the police called for people to avoid the area of Rosenheimer Platz's central square.

A suspect has been arrested after four people were lightly injured Saturday in knife attacks in the southern German city of Munich, police said.

Officers also urged locals to remain in their homes until the suspect is detained.

  • Tracy Klein