Nintendo Switch Giving Fans What They Want

After the 4.0 update launched on Switch, a Twitter user by the name of Master Mewking discovered that the Wii U GamecCube controller adapter now works with the system. Nintendo may simply be working on an entirely new installment of the franchise and need the GameCube controller to help test it out.

GameCube controllers appear as "USB controllers", and GameXplain demonstrates that users are able to navigate the system menu and even play games like Fire Emblem Warriors with the old controller. GameCube controller support would also practically be a prerequisite for getting serious players to support any upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for the Switch, should Nintendo ever see fit to announce one. Hmm.

The only real issue is that the GameCube controller doesn't have all the same buttons as the Joy-Cons, which will make some games more hard or impossible to play. That suggests that other USB controllers will be added to the mix at some point, though for the time being, it looks like the GameCube controller is the only one supported. Is there a new Smash title in the works? And while its slick design allows for convenient local multiplayer using the pint-sized, removable Joy-Con controllers attached to either side, they're not exactly comfortable to hold. As neat as the Wii Remote was, we can't imagine trying to play Smash Bros. with motion controls.

Apart from the GameCube controller and video capture support, the update also brings 12 new icons for two different games. What is nice about the implementation on the Switch is that support is not limited to a single game. Nice and easy. Presumably this won't work in handheld mode, because there's no wireless connectivity between the Switch and its dock.

  • Kara Saunders