The season is not over after Thursday Night Football

And in the process, righted a ship taking on enough water that any playoff hopes were almost immersed in four straight defeats. Trailing 30-24 and needing a touchdown to win, Derek Carr and the Raiders offense took over on their own 15-yard line needing 85 yards to save their season.

Three times, it appeared the Raiders had scored a lead-taking touchdown with fewer than 20 seconds remaining in the game.

"Hopefully this game can create a rhythm for our team and we can start to get that momentum", Cooper said. "Our guys came in with a great mindset and we were determined to leave here with a victory".

"Why? Love. Why we love this game". Loving the challenges that are a part of what we do. Smith hit Demarcus Robinson on a 33-yard pass on the first play of the drive.

It only felt 10 times longer. Carr completed 29-of-52 passes (those 23 incompletions are the only thing preventing an "A") for a season-high 417 yards and three touchdowns.

The Raiders had an apparent go-ahead touchdown pass to Jared Cook with 18 seconds left overturned when replay ruled he was down at the 1.

The Raider's kicker has had a troubled last couple of games and, although a late gust of wind took his kick and surely gave Oakland fans a fright, he converted to give his side the win.

Both teams looked to have better offensive performances, and it was a shootout at the QB spot. After a short run, Tyreek Hill beat David Amerson for a 64-yard touchdown pass that gave the Chiefs their first 99-yard drive since doing it December 3, 2006, against Cleveland.

Even when they played balls correctly and took smart calculated risks and were in ideal position, the Raiders did things like safety Keith McGill II letting an interception bounce off his hands and into those of Albert Wilson for a 63-yard touchdown.

Not to be overlooked, reigning defensive player of the year, defensive end Khalil Mack made a crucial third-down sack of Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, proving once again that he is as clutch of a defensive player as one can find.

"It wasn't pretty", said Mack, "but we got it done".

I get that Aaron Rodgers going down last week was a buzz kill, but the Packers' opponent in Week 7 is the New Orleans Saints, who have already given up three passing touchdowns in three of their five games this year.

Crabtree's offensive pass interference, the holding calls on the Chiefs and the final touchdown pass all came in the final three seconds.

Lynch then went and checked on, yes, Peters. It was a Beast Mode moment, but Lynch had to pay the price. A referee tried to stop his progress, but Lynch pushed him away, drawing a flag.

We aren't midway through the National Football League season and it already has been one wild, uncertain roller-coaster of a ride.

  • Steve Townsend