Apple Wins $120 Million From Samsung In Slide To Unlock Patent Case

Apple Inc is expected to report a 1.3 percent increase in iPhone sales in the holiday quarter, its slowest ever and a far cry from the double-digit growth investors have come to expect.

The US Supreme Court on November 6 rejected Samsung's appeal to re-evaluate the California court jury order that found the former guilty of infringing on Apple patents in 2014.

In April this year, Huawei had defeated Samsung in a patent battle in Chian where the Galaxy 8 maker was ordered to pay 80 million Yuan (USD 12 million) to Huawei for infringing its cellular smartphone technologies.

What's All The Hoopla About?

Samsung has been fighting tooth-and-nail against Apple's victory in a key smartphone patent lawsuit, but it may have little choice but to pay up at this point.

It will be recalled that the proceedings regarding the violation of patents registered by Apple, provides the total amount of payments to about $ 400 million.

The case is not without its share of drama. Samsung didn't give up, looking to the Supreme Court for justice.

But here's the amusing part: all the original phones involved in the battle have already been phased out of protection. In fact, the case is so old, Apple doesn't even use the "slide to unlock" functionality on its iPhones anymore. Apple has claimed that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone which will be taken up in court in May next year. "One of Apple's patents at issue in this case has been invalidated by courts around the world, and yet today's decision allows Apple to unjustly profit from this patent, stunts innovation and places competition in the courtroom rather than the marketplace".

Apple has not yet commented on the matter. The latter has directly mocked its rival in a new commercial that attacks the iPhone X. It begins by teasing iPhone users that they've been running out of space due to Apple's persistence in releasing a 16GB model.

  • Kara Saunders