Jeff Sessions rebuffed a Republican who wants to investigate Comey

The decision to examine those matters raises questions about whether Mr. Trump is trying to use the Justice Department to investigate his political rivals and distract from the special counsel's investigation into his presidential campaign.

The issue was becoming increasingly tense for the White House following the indictment of a top former Trump campaign official and a guilty plea from another foreign policy adviser. As well, another aide, Carter Page, told Congress in private statements that he had alerted Sessions about a meeting he planned in Russian Federation during the campaign. "After reading his account, and to the best of my recollection, I believe that I wanted to make clear to him that he was not authorized to represent the campaign with the Russian government, or any other foreign government, for that matter".

The New York Times reported that the letter "appeared to be a direct response to Mr. Trump's statement on November 3, when he said he was disappointed with his beleaguered attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and that longstanding unproven allegations about the Clintons and the Obama administration should be investigated". "But I did not recall this event, which occurred 18 months before my testimony of a few weeks ago, and I would gladly have reported it had I remembered it because I pushed back against his suggestion that I thought may have been improper". The president has publicly lambasted his attorney general and noted, had he known in advance of Sessions's recusal, he would not have appointed him to the post.

You can see the Jordan-Sessions exchange - lightly edited for clarity and length - below.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions returns to Capitol Hill Tuesday amid growing evidence of contacts between Russians and associates of President Donald Trump.

News reports then emerged showing that Sessions had himself met Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak at least twice in 2016.

"Everything I said to President Trump is exactly what I've vocalized on my show", Pirro said via a Fox News spokesperson.

Since Mueller's probe began, numerous Trump advisors have acknowledged interactions with Russian intermediaries.

The House committee's top Democrat vowed to press him about his and other former Trump campaign aides' dealings with Russians leading up to the 2016 election.

"I'm not able to reveal internal investigatory matters", Sessions said.

Earlier, Sessions confirmed that he has asked senior federal prosecutors to look into the potential appointment of a second special counsel.

It also comes a day after the Justice Department told the chair of the committee, Rep. "Is it proper, is that what you're asking?"

Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat, displayed copies of a series of recent tweets from Mr. Trump in which the president called for an investigation into Russia's 2010 purchase of uranium rights and donations to the Clinton Foundation while Mrs. Clinton led the State Department.

  • Tracy Klein