Picking the flawless East Tennessee Christmas tree, the old fashioned way

Growers are charging $10 to $20 more per tree, she said, forcing her to raise prices between $5 and $15 to stay afloat. Farmers there harvest more than 4 million trees per year, shipping them across the USA and as far as Japan. He said this isn't the first time there's been a shortage, but this year there are even fewer than previous years.

"In the last five years, the prices at the farm have nearly more than doubled,"Falco said".

Joe Pepper has owned the farm for 30 years, and he says it's the smile on people's faces that keeps his business strong.

He says the most rewarding part is watching families come back every year, and in Dustin Brown's case, coming back, to give back.

Many travel yearly to the Grant Christmas Tree Farm to do just that.

Thanks to hundreds of thousands of tree sales, Square was able to analyze last year's numbers to distill American tree-buying habits.

A project by the Hawaii Forest Institute is aiming to establish a homegrown Christmas tree industry on the Big Island by the finding the right environmental conditions for different types of coniferous trees.

Christmas tree shortage expected to last through 2025

May Tree Farm is located in Maysville, West Virginia, near Petersburg, and not only sells trees at the Market, but also offers customers the experience of visiting their farm and cutting their tree down on site.

"Kind of a family Christmas tradition the day after thanksgiving", says Andy Shrake, Christmas tree buyer. Macy tried to purchase Grand firs from OR, but the farmer had to cancel the sale because a heat wave "fried the trees", Macy said.

There aren't any good statistics on how many Christmas tree farmers have turned to cannabis. They bought a white, artificial one to match their mid-century home past year.

"It's actually less work for us", New said.

"Locally", he said, "we should be fine". Trunk side up trees are more American than trunk side down trees!

It's important is to make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree.

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