Sony Offering PSN Credit for PlayStation Trophies

It's an interesting idea, particularly because for a long time these unlockable achievements have served as their own reward, a badge of honour; for some they are the object of obsession, with glory hunters devoting their lives to the pursuit of bragging rights. Well, now you can. However, the rewards scheme only counts trophies earned after signing up, so retrospective achievements are ineligible. Once you've collected 1000 points (10 Platinum trophies), you'll be able to exchange them for $10 of PSN credit.

Sony Rewards, which is a free service providing points that can be spent on Sony products, now offers several "Rewards Passes" for earning in-game trophies on PlayStation platforms. Converted through PlayStation Rewards, that equals $1,583 of PSN credit.

The point distributions is as follows: a 1000 silver trophies will net you 100 points and 25 gold will give you 250, while 10 platinums will give you a 1000 points. In other words, you can now earn money by unlocking trophies, but you're going to have to be pretty dedicated before it begins paying off.

Trial Blazer: Sign up for 4 free PlayStation Network service trials and get a 15% off discount code for PlayStation Store. Points are also earned on a calendar year basis, so you've only got this month and December to add points derived from Trophy acquisition to your 2017 total.

Digital Trilogy: Purchase 3 eligible Sony Pictures movies from PlayStation Store and earn 500 points. Sony is making trophy hunting a lot more worthwhile today by assigning an actual monetary value to the ones you earn.

Microsoft Xbox boss Phil Spencer heard about it, and has tweeted a very gracious comment about Sony's new program.

  • Valerie Cook