The New Animal Crossing Game Is Out Now, Earlier Than Expected

The first mobile-only Animal Crossing game, Pocket Camp, was supposed to release worldwide tomorrow. The joy of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game is creating a space that suits you and your style.

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 1.0.0 APK- Google Play Link. Let us know in the comments what you think of the game.

This is likely due to one or two reasons; the servers are now inundated with people trying to connect a once (common for any new online game - just see the recent release of Call of Duty WW2) or, since the app download was available ahead of release, servers aren't quite fully live yet. Nintendo came out to say that this game was a much longer developed and produced product, making it a higher-quality free mobile game.

The game is now live on the Google Play Store for certain countries, with initial reports coming in from France. Was it a case of mishandled information, or did Nintendo decide to treat the digital world early? Nintendo announced that the game will launch on November 22, which is Wednesday. Numerous game's residents will want particular items in the camp before you can invite them to visit, which means you need to get out there and earn the crafting materials necessary to build those needed decoration items. The mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, was not a rushed title like Super Mario Run was. You should still be able to pre-register on Google Play to be notified the second the game drops in America. If the animals need something, you can help them out and then earn cool rewards for doing so. The materials you collect are used to craft items to decorate your campsite. If you've been waiting anxiously to try the game, now is your chance.

  • Valerie Cook