WhatsApp is down for users in India and around the globe

Whatsapp down, millions of people around the world facing problem while sending, receiving and deleting messages. Many users report that the official client app behaves as if the mobile phone is having problems connecting to the Internet, although there are none in other applications.

WhatsApp remained shut for about an hour during which users had trouble updating their profile and other details though tings resumed soon afterwards.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesPeople on Twitter complained that Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp was down on Friday. The new WhatsApp delete feature is providing the opportunity to the users to delete the message which they have sent. Earlier, most outages were only regional in scale. whereas this time it affected the user globally.

People from India, Singapore, Vietnam, Iraq as well as across Europe had reported that the service was inaccessible. The extent of the outage and the reasons for it were not immediately known.

Moments later, users reported that the world's most popular messaging service had begun to gradually function again - about 30 minutes after initial complaints of an outage appeared on social media. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly.

Users turned to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to vent out their frustration for not being able to use the service. And WhatsApp Web was also impacted by the outage.

  • Valerie Cook