Briton Laura Plummer jailed in Egypt for drug smuggling

The shop assistant from Hull was arrested in October at Hurghada airport after being found carrying 290 Tramadol tablets in her bag. They are legal in the United Kingdom with a prescription, but not in Egypt. She is said to have been taking 29 sheets of the medicinal to her Egyptian husband Omar, who suffers from back pain caused by an accident.

Her family said her lawyers have lodged an immediate appeal. Both Laura's family and lawyers have argued that the pills were intended for Caboo - who provided the court with medical papers showing his back pain -and that Laura neither had any idea they were illegal nor plans to sell them.

Meanwhile, Turner is looking into whether or not Plummer would be able to serve part of her prison term in a United Kingdom prison. She will probably be dead if she has to stay in there for three years. "She doesn't deserve that", Rachel told the BBC.

The trial was rescheduled with a new interpreter on Tuesday, where a judge handed her three years in prison.

The woman, from Hull, was arrested at the Hurghada worldwide airport on the Red Sea on 9 October. The painkiller is legal in the United Kingdom but a banned narcotic in the north African country. I was anxious about her before, [when she was] in the police station.

Laura's mum, Roberta Sinclair, says her daughter made no attempt to hide the medicine and thought it was a joke when she was first pulled over by officials. "It's hard and I can't believe it after waiting for two months", she told the BBC. She's out there by herself. Instead, she was placed in a cell with 25 other women for almost a month.

Her family had been told that she could face up to 25 years in jail, with one lawyer even mentioning the death penalty.

She was also fined £4,200.

"It clearly is a banned substance and whilst we must respect the law of other countries there must be good sense and fair play as well", Turner added.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: "We will continue to provide assistance to Laura and her family following the court ruling in Egypt, and our embassy is in regular contact with the Egyptian authorities".

  • Tracy Klein