Catherine Is Being Remade For The PS4 And Vita

Other details about the port are seldom at this point, but the company has noted that it will be revealing more of the game on December 22, around 7:30 PM Japan time over on Nico Nico's channel.

Catherine debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, and immediately became a cult-favorite due to not just its challenging gameplay, but also thanks to its humorous yet mature approach towards sex and adult relationships.

In the update, Atlus shared that the team has already solidified the idea and direction for its upcoming traditional fantasy RPG. She'll introduce new story elements, apparently, and she's described as "a very straightforward and gentle character", which is interesting since Catherine is most certainly not a gentle game. The broadcast will feature "deep discussion and audacious talk" between Atlus staff in a bar setting, as well as the worldwide trailer debut for Catherine: Full Body. We also know that she is a pianist working at the bar where Vincent often goes, and she is a honest and kind girl who will show him new values.

The game will include a new ending song, and a lot of new episodes, anime cutscenes, and sexy events.

Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino is in charge of the project - called Catherine FB (for Full Body) - and Famitsu reports that there'll now be a third Catherine in the game (the original had two endings for two different paths the player could choose).

A wide range of difficulties and systems are being prepared. New mechanics will also be added and new modes, including one based on moving multiple blocks linked together.

The scenario is mainly being made by full-time staff.

  • Valerie Cook