Christmas celebrated in Odisha

Father Roy told Kashmir Reader that this year's Christmas celebration was more cheerful than the previous year's.

In some of the churches, the services concluded with the distribution of cake and coffee.

In Goa, which has around 27 per cent Christian population, the peal of the midnight bells in churches and the carols in praise of Lord Jesus ushered in the Christmas festivities.

On the occasion, Santa Claus distributed candies and toys among dozens of toddlers waiting in a queue.

People belonging to different faiths greeted their Christian brethren on the occasion.

The streets of Panaji and Margao, the two main cities of Goa, were packed with vehicles till the wee hours as people participated in the traditional dance parties after the prayer service.

Another Christianity follower said, "We celebrated the Jesus Christ birth with pomp and gaiety". Mass prayers were conducted by the priests.

"We prayed for peace across the globe, especially in Kashmir on the birth of Jesus", one of the participants of the Mass held at the Holy Family Catholic church said. "We have also prayed for good governance so that the benefits of government schemes reach the grass roots", said secretary of Emanuel Baptist Church, Sitaramdera, Samuel Mahapatra, referring to the Good Governance Day celebrated in the country on Sunday. Special prayers were held on the occasion for the peace and prosperity of the State.

He added that Christmas was a celebration of love and peace.

Furthermore, a private hotel here erected a 63-feet-tall steel Christmas tree using 1.2 tons of steel, built by 30 workmen over a span of seven days.

"I could only see a couple of differences in the Christmas celebration: one, a large number of people throng churches and people decorate outside their homes X-Mas trees, which we generally do not do here".

Apart from the midnight mass, which is also known as vigil mass, Christmas Day mass was held on Monday.

  • Tracy Klein