What If Roy Moore Was Black? Asks Doug Jones's 'Racist' AdNewsweek

Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore is denying he ever dated underage women - or that he knew those who've accused him of sexual assault or molestation.

At the Friday rally, the president said, "We want jobs, jobs, jobs, so get out and vote for Roy Moore".

"We can not afford - this country, the future of this country - can not afford to lose a seat in the very very close United States Senate", Mr Trump said to the approving crowd.

Gadsden, the mall where Moore reportedly pursued teenaged girls, is still there, crowded ahead of the Christmas holiday.

"Judge Moore's going to go to Washington, Judge Moore is going to win and I highly doubt there's going to be a Senate investigation", Young said, referring to the possibility of a Senate Ethics Committee probe into numerous women's allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore.

So, it's no small thing when Trump seized on news on Friday (Saturday NZT) that one of Moore's accusers acknowledged she wrote some notations on an inscription in a yearbook that she claims Moore signed.

"Gloria Allred, you know anytime you see her you know something is going wrong", Trump added, before launching into how the country, and his agenda for it, couldn't afford the loss of a Republican seat in the Senate.

But the location - so close to the Alabama state line and feeding its television markets - stoked speculation that it was a backdoor way for the president to boost Mr Moore's campaign without actually setting foot in the state. Trump asked at the rally. "Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country".

Mr Shah said the president and White House have made clear that the Moore allegations are "troubling and concerning" and "should be taken seriously".

Moore might still lose what should be an easily winnable race for a Republican.

Sen. Richard Shelby explained on Sunday why he didn't vote for Roy Moore.

"I understand where the president is coming from; we would've liked to retain that seat in the US Senate", Shelby said.

That's why it was so notable when the White House said the president wouldn't explicitly campaign for Moore. The US Senate's top Republican on Monday urged scandal-hit conservative Roy Moore to end his Senate campaign, saying he believes the women who have accused the Christian evangelical candidate of sexual misconduct.

  • Tracy Klein