Amazon's Jeff Bezos now the richest person in history

According to Bloomberg's billionaire tracker, Amazon's net worth reached $105.1 billion on Monday courtesy of a 6.6 percent rise in shares.

It's well-known that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is working on a venture to take tourists into space, but his wealth is already out of this world.

A majority of Bezos's wealth stems from the 78.9 million shares he owns in stocks with Amazon, which effectively saw a surge of 1.4% on Monday, adding another $1.4 billion into his already overstuffed pockets. Forbes, another media conglomerate who tracks the net worths of the world's richest, estimated that Bezos's fortune is at $104.4 billion, which is almost parallel with Bloomberg's projections.

The only others to surpass Gates as the world's richest person were Warren Buffett and Mexican business mogul Carlos Slim.

Amazon's share price, and therefore Bezos' net worth, has jumped significantly since September. Forbes reports that with inflation, that would be worth around a whopping $150 billion.

Jeff Bezos is now the richest person of all time. He first crossed the $100 billion net worth mark in November at the start of the holiday shopping season, once again helped by stock performance of Amazon.

  • David Armstrong