Brendan Cole 'in shock' after Strictly Come Dancing drop

"I still can't believe it - I've watched the show for years, but there'll be a sparkle less for me from now on". It's very hard to talk about...

He claims he was sacked from the show after finding out at the end of last week that bosses had "made an editorial decision not to have me back on the show".

'I'm quite emotional. I'm a little bit disappointed.

There was shock today when Strictly Come Dancing stalwart Brendan Cole revealed he'd been axed from the show.

'Seems like they don't want anybody on the show that has an opinion.

The professional dancer revealed during a TV interview on Tuesday that the decision was made by the, saying he was "in shock".

A spokesman for the One show thanked Cole for "being part of the show since the beginning" and contributing to its success.

Now I know the show needs to change and fresh faces need to come in but I fear with the departure of Brendan, the show will miss a certain spirit. I'm a very strong character within the show.

A BBC spokesperson later said: 'We'd like to thank Brendan for being part of the show since the beginning - victor of the first series - and for the contribution he has made to its success. My passion is still very much there. I love them to bits.

'I think about everyone there, and I think bloody hell, I'm not going to be part of that team, and they are still going to be there.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One in the autumn.

And from the outpouring of support from fans, fellow dancers and former partners, I'm not alone in thinking this.

"Wishing him all the best in his future endeavours".

The most recent series saw him paired with Good Morning Britain presenter, Charlotte Hawkins.

Ballas and Cole had an awkward exchange following Cole's tango with Charlotte Hawkins, when Cole hit back as Ballas critiqued their routine and he told the judge: "I'm really sorry, but there was no rise and fall".

  • Gwendolyn Kim