Here's Everything Khloe Kardashian Was Asked About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy!

She said: "He's really a dream and I feel lucky".

"She's pregnant", Ellen responded, to which Khloe then said, "Oh, I don't know what you're taking about". "I will make a bet right now that she is pregnant".

The TV host added fuel to reports that the star is expecting as she welcomed her sister Khloe for her first TV appearance since announcing her own pregnancy.

'I just wanted to do something myself and write something that was heartfelt for me, ' Khloe motivated her keeping the news a secret for such an extended period of time. "There's way more pressure for season two, I will say, but it's exciting".

"I think once people know you're pregnant, you get all the excuses". "I was like, OK, cool let's run with that.' And now, I think the hardest thing is maintaining". "I said, 'What human being can eat eight boxes?' She said she did when she was pregnant-and that's why she gained 80 lbs!"

"[I got] a lot [of advice from my sisters]". "Look at your eyes ..."

Frustrated Ellen told her: "She must be pregnant".

Khloe: "What do you mean?" As Ellen DeGeneres can effortlessly get anyone to spill anything, the topic of Kardashian's pregnancy inevitably came up, and she was more than happy to discuss the little bun in her oven.

'If it's a boy I'll go with Junior - Tristan Jr.,' she explains.

"Gosh, just having a family [is the most unexpected gift]", she gushed.

Kylie, who is yet to confirm her pregnancy, is believed to be due to give birth as early as February. She's clearly ready for that post-baby snapback!

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However, Khloe has certainly been subscribing to one Kardashian pregnancy convention: the bodycon wardrobe.

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