Israel says it destroyed mile-long Hamas tunnel

This is the third tunnel from Gaza that Israel has attacked in the past two months.

"We know it's a terror tunnel because it passes under different strategic assets", Conricus said, referring to its proximity to the fuel pipelines into Gaza, the Kerem Shalom Crossing and a military installation nearby. The reports of the attack were then confirmed by the Israeli army as well.

The military said that it has no intention to further escalate the situation but will "continue to act against any violation of Israeli sovereignty".

Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Concricus said the tunnel was 1.5 kilometres long and crossed 180 metres into Israeli territory underneath the Kerem Shalom border crossing, before snaking into Egypt to form a "U" shape.

An IDF general on Sunday said the Israeli military had devised a solution that would see all of Hamas's cross-border tunnels into Israel destroyed.

Unique about this tunnel, the IDF said, is that "it clearly was not a tunnel for smuggling merchandise, but specifically made for attacks".

"The Hamas terrorist organization is responsible for everything happening in and out of the Gaza Strip", the press release added. The army said that the tunnel, which ran for nearly a mile, extended 650 feet into Israeli territory, and was used to bring weapons into Israel for use by terrorists.

Israeli jets bombed the tunnel opening on the Gaza side of the border late on Saturday night.

The militant Hamas group, which dominates Gaza, condemned the "unjustified" attack. When asked if there was any intelligence of an imminent attack, Conricus would not comment. Over the past year, the military has been building an underground barrier around the Gaza Strip to prevent other tunnels from being built from Gaza to Israel.

  • Tracy Klein