'Star Wars' and 'Jumanji' Closing Out 2017 With Box Office Race

Box office tracker comScore, which issued the number Sunday, said that the improvement was due to a variety of strong performances - including the Chinese blockbuster "Wolf Warrior 2", which has grossed $870 million. To this point, "The Last Jedi" is 23 percent ahead of the pace set by "Rogue One" after two weeks in theaters, and 30 percent behind that of "The Force Awakens". Jurassic World was the second-fastest. Worldwide box office had hit a record $38.9 billion in 2015 and then edged down slightly in 2016 to $38.8 billion, so Disney-Luscasfilm's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" provided almost all of the gain for 2017.

Then came Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the inaugural spin-off set in the larger universe of Star Wars. While it's true that The Last Jedi saw a huge dip from its opening to its second weekend, that by no means represents that the film is "in trouble".

According to another report, "The Last Jedi" has already become the highest grossing film this year in Denmark and Sweden, and the fourth highest earning film in European markets in 2017. Disney is expected to surpass this amount with the final sales of "The Last Jedi". The gain came despite a 2.3% slide in United States box office, slammed by the worst summer in a decade as global box office jumped 5%.

The Last Jedi won't open in China, the largest worldwide market, until January. The amount does not include the sales for the Star Wars attractions at its theme parks and movie merchandising. Now, over five years later with three movies completed, Disney has earned back its investment.

The Last Jedi's worldwide box office has been projected to reach $1.6 billion before the end of its run. Horror movies, which do not quite play to the same effect on Netflix and other streaming services, were a particular bright spot for theaters, with films like "It" and "Get Out" becoming cultural sensations.

  • Gwendolyn Kim