Alberta Suspends Electricity Purchase Talks With BC Over Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Calgary lawyer Rick Gilborn said Trudeau could put a quick end to B.C.'s stunts by calling on Parliament to declare the Trans Mountain pipeline and the products it carries to be a work for the general advantage of Canada, and suspend all provincial and municipal regulatory or statutory hurdles, a power it has under section 92 (10)(c) of the Constitution Act.

Mr. Trudeau, who will be attending a number of events in Edmonton on Thursday and will be on Vancouver Island on Friday, is wading into an economic and environmental tug of war between Alberta and he travels west.

"We're going to get that pipeline built". He said the federal government did the research and has spent billions on spill response.

"We had to make tough decisions", Trudeau told a crowd in Nanaimo, B.C., after three hecklers were removed by authorities.

Notley says the move made by John Horgan's government is "unconstitutional". "He's very clearly committed".

Attendees were vocal about their disappointment in the Kinder Morgan pipeline, brandishing signs including "Climate leaders don't build pipelines", and repeatedly shouting over Trudeau.

"I will also remind them that when you fill up your gas in the Lower Mainland, where do you think that gas came from?" When he spoke about the pipeline, he was repeatedly interrupted, causing him to show his frustration at one point by exclaiming: "Come on!"

"I would encourage the B.C. government to actually read the NEB ruling that talks in great detail about what they claim to be concerned about, about the risk of bitumen spills".

Notley gave few details on what the suspended energy talks were about, but Blake Shaffer at the C.D. Howe Institute said there have been talks for some time to use the full 1,200 megawatt capacity of the existing power lines running between the two provinces, rather than the 800 megawatts now allowed.

Speaking in Ottawa, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr wouldn't say what Canada might do if British Columbia implements its regulation. He said the federal government heard from thousands of people before the pipeline was approved.

"They do have another opportunity in California, so I don't know there's going to be a true limiting of market access if that's the intention".

Notley has threatened trade retaliation with B.C. if the shipping ban goes ahead. In response, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley declared February 1 that her government would put a hold on electricity trade talks with British Columbia.

Notley cited interprovincial trade in electricity as one of the possible lines of pursuit.

  • Sylvester Abbott