AT&T: Mobile 5G coming this year to Atlanta, Dallas, Waco, nine more

AT&T announced late Tuesday it will first roll out 5G to three locations: Dallas, Texas; Waco, Texas; and Atlanta. The company stated: "We are working with our vendors on an aggressive schedule to help ensure customers can enjoy 5G when we launch the network this year". But Georgia is often a testing ground for new AT&T products and services, with the company recently testing a new technology in a rural part of the state called AirGig to deliver super-fast internet service via power lines.

The company also announced the opening of a new 5G lab in Austin, Texas, that will enable engineers to test equipment, devices and applications.

Mobile 5G is coming this year, and now we know the first cities that'll get it.

Though the U.S. government may not be particularly interested in running their own 5G network, traditional cell providers certainly are.

AT&T will initially offer 5G using the 3GPP standards and mmWave spectrum, but as it's expanded, 5G will be integrated into other spectrum types as well. It will also add more 5G capable mobile devices and smartphones to its lineup from early 2019. "By re-creating a physical 5G radio environment in our labs, we have greater control over what is deployed to customers". Eventually the technology will be deployed on additional spectrum bands.

Today's announcement attempted to connect some of the dots, so that we know how AT&T plans to launch mobile 5G well ahead of T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. "The company said the 5G network will integrate with the current LTE technology". Like other carriers on the road to 5G, AT&T says that it is now deploying new LTE-compatible equipment that can easily be migrated to 5G as soon as faster service is needed.

  • David Armstrong