Florida boy gets stuck inside claw machine

An arcade claw machine in a Florida restaurant had an addition to the normal stuffed animals Tuesday night: a little boy named Mason. Eventually someone at the restaurant where the incident happened called emergency services, according to a Facebook post.

Jeremy House was having dinner when he became aware of the situation and yelled for someone to call 911. "Our units were dispatched at 5:33 yesterday evening and arrived at 5:36 p.m. and Mason was safely extracted from the machine at 5:41 p.m". The Fire and Emergency Services crew were able to remove the child by prying open the machine, USA Today reported. "We love a happy ending and are glad everything worked out", the post concluded.

And he promised he wouldn't ever, ever, ever crawl inside a machine in pursuit of toys.

"Thankfully he was never in any distress", the post read, describing the lieutenant's assessment of the situation.

US boy trapped in Florida stuffed toy arcade machine

A Florida boy who really wanted a stuffed animal from inside a claw game vending machine chose to skip the skill portion of the game and go right for the toy.

He kept his eye on the prize and retrieved the toy he so eagerly wanted, but the cute kid could not get back out the way he came.

After a shedding a few tears, Mason was reunited with his mom, and he got to pick out a stuffed animal.

  • Gwendolyn Kim