Saudi Arabia Pledges $1.5 Billion to Help Rebuild Iraq

The Emir of Kuwait told the conference that the security and stability of Iraq is integral to his country's stability and that of the wider region, and that in pledging money to aid reconstruction the worldwide community was recognising the huge sacrifices Iraq has made in the face of terrorism.

"The current crises and challenges facing the world require the global community to collectively work together at all levels", he said.

The fund also says it reached an agreement with Iraq to settle its outstanding dues to the organization, allowing it to fully rejoin it.

"Iraq can not commence the mission of rebuilding itself without support, which is why we are all here today from all around the world, to stand by Iraq's side", Sheikh Sabah said.

The Islamic Development Bank also pledged $500 million toward reconstruction in Iraq.

At the press conference, Tillerson commented extensively on the months-long political crisis pitting Qatar against a four-nation bloc led by Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab Emirates also pledged $500 million.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah met on Tuesday with EU Foreign Policy Chief and Vice President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini on the occasion of her visit and participation in the International Coalition Against IS conference and Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI), hosted in Kuwait this week. "The government managed to repatriate more than half of them at their regions", he said.

The coalition, which includes 74 countries, was cobbled together in late 2014 after the terrorist group overran vast swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria. A protracted effort by U.S. air forces, Kurdish and Iraqi armed forces to expel the group finally resulted in Al-Abadi declaring a final victory over Daesh in December 2017.

  • Tracy Klein