Switch continues to drive sales and profits at Nintendo

In under a year the Nintendo Switch has outsold the Wii U; that's 14 million units since March of 2017. In less than a year.

The runaway success that is the Nintendo Switch sold more units in nine months than the Wii U was able to in more than four years, and Switch owners don't seem content to allow their shiny new consoles to sit unplayed collecting dust. The Wii U went on sale in November 2012 and moved 13.56 million units before Nintendo ended production past year. Unsurprisingly, Super Mario Odyssey is proving the most popular game with 9.07 million sales, followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - a re-release of the Wii U version with a new battle mode - has sold 7.33 million units to date.

The Switch is now on pace to catch the success of the Gamecube, which sold 21.74 million little purple lunchboxes, but still quite a distance from the revolutionary Wii, which sold a staggering 101.63 million. There's plenty of games Nintendo could roll out to draw more and more fans to the console, and third party support is looking good along with plenty of love from indie developers. At other times it has been a bit of a flop, like with the Wii U. The current-gen Nintendo Switch (See on Amazon) is shaping up to be a big hit for the company. In Japan, Nintendo sold about 3.72 million consoles. With an operating profit of 156.4 billion yen, net profit totaled 135.1 billion yen.

Nintendo's software sales are doing even better.

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled in late 2016, and it launched in March of 2017.

"We believe Death Road To Canada is perfectly suited to be played in both the home and on the go", Rocketcat Games co-founder Kepa Auwae. The Switch is now the fastest- home console in USA history. While it's currently unclear how long Nintendo can maintain this momentum, it shouldn't surprise anyone if a few months from now we're talking about it having outside the Gamecube's lifetime sales too.

Nintendo also partly released the revenue for titles like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem.

Nintendo sold 7.23 million Switch units in the quarter.

  • Valerie Cook