Take It All the Way Back With These PUBG Retro Fashion Crates

The blog post also clarified that development of some new features have been delayed due to focusing the team on anti-cheat efforts.

Cheating has become a massive problem in PUBG, so much so that BattleEye, the game's current anti-cheat client, has reported that it has banned more than 2.5 million players through the end of January with that rate increasing throughout February.

PUBG developers have recently announced some of there plans for 2018, as well as details for the most recent update to the game.

On the plus side, the developer is working on a new map, which is expected to launch this summer. Those with lower ping will get priority during the matchmaking process; those with higher ping will have to wait longer to get in a game. "We do have a lot of exciting things that we want to share with you, including new content to provide more extensive battle royale experiences as well as improvements and modifications".

The team is also plugging away at a system to "divide the matching pool depending on ping".

KitGuru Says: If BattlEye's statement and player beliefs are correct, ping-based matchmaking would help preserve happiness across the board, so I'm unsure why efforts on that particular feature would slow down.

The new Battlegrounds update, which is about to enter testing, will change the way matches begin. The first trials for this, which could prove pretty terminal for those playing in regions other than their own, will begin this week. "Specific dates will be shared when ready".

When the player is riding in the airplane, they will no longer be able to see the inside of the airplane. This new reporting system comes with some restrictions: You can't use a replay file that is more than a week old, and you can't use the same file to report a player multiple times.

  • Valerie Cook