You'll Need Over 155GB For Final Fantasy 15 In 4K

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will launch on March 6, and Square Enix announced that there are several bonuses available to buyers, depending on which storefront they purchase the game from. Gordon Freeman's iconic suit isn't only available for Noctis to wear in the main campaign; players can also equip their customizable characters from the multiplayer expansion Comrades with the accompanying glasses and crowbar.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC in March.

Exclusive in-game items and bonuses have also been revealed for fans who buy the game from now until May 1. In addition to being available for the game's single-player mode, players will also be able to use the costume in the Final Fantasy XV comrades multiplayer expansion. The pack includes 10 phoenix downs, 10 elixirs, and a legendary sword called Dodanuki. We've known for a while that the Steam release of XV will allow mods and will let your moral judgment as a gamer prevail for what mods to install, but if you want Noct to look like Gordon Freeman, you've got until May 1 to pick up the PC version.

Lastly, those on Origin will be able to get a set of auto decals so long as they order the game before March 6.

In some expected news, Final Fantasy XV is getting a PC demo.

Players who purchase Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, the RPG's PC version, through Steam by the end of April will receive the Half-Life Pack. Square Enix has revealed that the playable demo for the Windows Edition will be available to download on February 26th, making it the flawless opportunity to test how the game runs on your set up.

  • Valerie Cook