California Democratic Party Say No To Sen. Feinstein

However, he too failed to earn the 60 percent support needed to win the endorsement Saturday at Democrats' annual convention.

It's not the first time Feinstein was denied the state party's endorsement. Kamala Harris and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, urged unity ahead of the midterm elections. Many of them don't like her pragmatism on law and order issues or her unwillingness to fight President Donald Trump on everything he tweets and everything he proposes. Supporters of Feinstein are still optimistic as they believe the party snub will not hurt the Senator when it comes to the broader base of voters that will ultimately decide the election.

"It sends a message that the Democratic Party is a progressive party and they're going for the candidate who they view is the more progressive candidate", said Tom Steyer, the billionaire San Francisco activist who is close to de León but has not endorsed in the race. De Leon came closer with 54 percent to her 37 percent. He called it "an astounding rejection of politics as usual" and a boost to his campaign's momentum.

Multiple Democrats splitting the primary vote without a party endorsement in the 39th and 49th Congressional primaries could result in Republicans destroying the Democrats' plan to flip the seats.

But the party was fractured. It failed to unite behind a single candidate in the majority of statewide races, including for governor, where four Democrats are vying to replace outgoing Gov. It took Feinstein a while before she made a decision to vote against a spending bill last December and last January in order to show her protest over the Trump administration's immigration policy.

In 1990, when she declared her support for capital punishment at the convention, she was also turned down by the activist leadership. She pledged to do it again if elected.

Yet Feinstein, who will turn 85 years old later this year, is still expected to cruise to victory over her relatively unknown opponent.

  • Tracy Klein