Cast of Avengers: Infinity War in Singapore for Red Carpet Fan Event

For the unfamiliar, the Russo Brothers (Anthony Russo and Joseph V. "Joe" Russo) among many other shows, directed Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War, along with the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Which is a weird, now rare, kind of character. a person who's right, and knows they're right, and doesn't really want to hear it when you tell them they're wrong.

For the opening weekend of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR beginning the evening of April 26, AMC has more than 7.6 million tickets available and almost 40,000 show start times.

Infinity War content will include What the What and Who's Who which will premiere on the Marvel Avengers Channel in April and will give fans a closer look at the upcoming movie which releases in the United Kingdom nationwide on 26th April.

The Earth's mightiest heroes are set to face their most powerful opponent yet, the Mad Titan known as Thanos (Josh Brolin), and it should be expected that the supervillain will take a few lives in his quest to gather all six Infinity stones. "He hasn't been at the forefront of other Avengers movies but he certainly has a very important role in this film", he said.

While that isn't too specific, it is worrying now that fans have started speculating that Thor's death scene might actually be in the latest "Avengers" trailer, released Friday (and seen above). "So I'll say, Thanos and Thor". He added they wanted the story to be unexpected, and hence it's told from the villain's point of view.

However, before discussing Avengers: Infinity War, Russo also spoke of another Marvel film, which has been ruling the box office for the last five weeks - Black Panther. From the origins of the franchise when Iron Man arrived in 2008, to the first time the Avengers assembled in 2012, it's your ultimate guide to a true cinematic game-changer.

  • Gwendolyn Kim