Dana White: Very Good Chance Brock Lesnar Returns To UFC

Despite the obstacles in Lesnar's way and a mirky recent past in the UFC, White is hopeful the former heavyweight champion will return to the sport this year.

It's a risky proposition to advertise your champion - who rarely appears as it is - in a major market, then pull him without warning at the last minute, just to try to get your snarky, handsome, bulletproof-vest-adorned Samoan prince named Poochie cheered, but it definitely worked on Monday. He is also aware that he'll be losing the title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Lesnar was told to stay away from Raw so that people bought into the Reigns promo and believe there to be a legitimate beef between the two.

Lesnar has continued to compete in WWE since his retirement from MMA and is regarded as one of the wrestling company's biggest stars. Of course, Lesnar is still under suspension for failing a USADA drug test in relation to UFC 200.

It's reported that Lesnar is more interested in negotiating his next deal than becoming a "team player" in WWE.

Reigns versus Lesnar taking place at WrestleMania April 8 has been considered a foregone conclusion for some time, so Reigns winning the Elimination Chamber Match - thus earning the title shot with Lesnar at WWE's marquee event - was predictable, but the match was laid out brilliantly. Lesnar also has yet to voice any announcements regarding his stint on WWE or his rumored return to UFC. Whether it was planned or not-there's little chance the champion simply chose to not show up-Reigns called out Lesnar for not caring enough about WWE to make the event. Though, WWE is said to have a backup plan in the form of Reigns taking on Braun Strowman (a matchup we've seen way too many times). It gives him even more leverage in negotiations with WWE, where he already works on a part-time schedule. Or it could be that WWE was upset about the Dana White photo and told Lesnar not to come to the taping.

Lesnar's last go at UFC was against Mark Hunt at UFC 200, when he was allowed by WWE to have one fight.

  • Steve Townsend