Fortnite Mobile Rakes in $1 Million in First Three Days

The analytics company, citing its own intelligence data, says that Fortnite has generated more than $1.5 million worldwide on iOS alone, with $1 million of that coming during the first 72 hours after in-app purchases went live. Currently, in early access for iOS devices the game topped the Apple Store charts around the world and now is making millions of dollars. In addition to this, it appears to be punching above its weight when compared to other giant mobile game hits of recent years.

Epic Games' decision to get rid of the friendly fire feature in Fortnite: Battle Royalewas completely driven by solving in-game toxicity.

This means just about third of the revenue that Pokemon Go has earned in its first four days, which equated to about $5 million - it's a lot of money from a lot of eager players who wanted to kit out their characters in one of the most popular battle royale games now out there.

A hotfix update is going out for Fortnite that reduces the amount of resources the amount of resources players receive from floor loot and basic resource farming. The countdown to shrink time begins as soon as the match starts.

It is more likely to become permanent game mode, since it encourages and correlates good with any player's real-life needs, so it will deliver them quickly and still enjoy playing Fortnite. It's worth remembering that Fortnite Mobile is now only available on iOS, with Android support set to follow some time in the future.

Players who do receive invites from Epic will also get additional friend invite codes to share with friends.

  • Kara Saunders