Greek soccer club owner threatens referee while carrying pistol after goal disallowed

PAOK Salonika went on to be declared the victor after the referee reversed his decision two hours after the game and allowed the goal.

Olympiakos have won the last seven championships under the ownership of Greek shipowner Vangelis Marinakis, who, like Savvidis, is one of Greece's most prominent businessmen.

Just to clarify, the referee definitely didn't hand POAK the goal, despite them claiming on Twitter that they won, and the game ended at 0-0.

Greece has faced an unusually volatile league championship this season, with traditionally dominant Olympiakos - which has only failed to win the title twice in the past 21 years - now in third place, behind leader AEK and PAOK.

On Monday, reported that Greek prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Savvidis over his pitch invasion alone, not the fact that he was armed during it.

Savvidis, clearly carrying a gun in a hip holster, marches on to the pitch at the Toumba Stadium.

We all witnessed the way our opponents try to turn every single minor incident against us.

I thank you in advance and I am counting on your understanding. The gun was visible, but he never drew it as he complained to the referee about the goal.

Suspending the entire league seems unduly harsh on the other 14 clubs who have done nothing wrong, but it stands to reason that we simply can't have gun-toting club presidents wading around the place, now can we? The League has yet to release a statement on the matter. After claiming that the current season was the "cleanest and most exciting" because of the government's attempt to clean up the game, Vasileiadis said "we will not allow anyone to divert us from our task, even if we have to, in consultation with UEFA, to take hard decisions".

According to Sky Sports, the Greek Superleague has been suspended indefinitely after the match was abandoned.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he was "determined" to enforce order in the country's oft-chaotic leading sport, which has repeatedly been marred by violence on and off the pitch.

  • Steve Townsend