Kushner group got millions in loans after a White House meeting

Will senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner's efforts to broker a deal between Israelis and Palestinians be affected by the change? Among other things, the two men discussed a possible White House job for Harris. "Now tonight, we learn that Kushner's companies, companies in which... he partially owns them or holds a stake in them, they have received hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from entities whose executives have been meeting with Jared Kushner regularly in the White House in his capacity as a senior White House official". The loan was to refinance the mortgage on a Chicago skyscraper.

Carl Bernstein participates in "All the President's Reporters" at the 2017 New Yorker Festival, at SVA Theatre in NY, on October 6, 2017. President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner's clearance was similarly downgraded, Politico reported Tuesday.

It was reported this week Kushner's security clearance was downgraded from top secret to secret because of issues with his background investigation.

Perhaps if Kushner weren't so politically motivated himself, he wouldn't have to worry about having his potential conflicts of interest scrutinized.

Special counsel Robert Mueller 's team, who is looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, have asked questions about Kushner's interactions with potential foreign investors, the Times said.

Kushner's ties with his business activities while being a part of the Trump administration has been the topic of contention since he was hired by the president as White House innovations director in January 2017.

The couple sold off some of their assets before starting their White House jobs a year ago, but Kushner still has stake in hundreds of companies.

Taylor, of Kushner Cos, told the Times "stories like these attempt to make insinuating connections that do not exist to disparage the financial institutions and companies involved".

Apollo defended its move in extending the loan to Kushner to the New York Times. He said the loan "went through the firm's standard approval process".

Although Kushner stepped down as the company's CEO in 2017, after Trump was sworn in to the office, the business still remains in his family and reports suggest he is still invested in the company's business dealings. Kushner steers USA policy in the Middle East, for example, but his family company continues to do deals with Israeli investors.

Kushner's work in the presidential campaign has also come under renewed scrutiny in recent days with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into links between the campaign and Russian government interference in the 2016 elections. Kushner's firm has sought investments from the Chinese insurer Anbang and from the former prime minister of Qatar. Not long after, he secured an even larger loan for his family business from Citigroup: $325 million, The Times said. Kushner Cos. attorneys had argued that exposing the names would lead to "politically motivated" media coverage and "unfair sensationalism".

  • Tracy Klein