More than 100 Houthis killed in Yemen

The West and its regional allies have accused Iran of violating the United Nations arms ban on the militants in Yemen. "That just validated a lot of what we already thought which is Iran gets a pass for its unsafe and illegal behavior".

The draft also urged members of the council to take further action against Iran for breaching the arms embargo. Iran also referred to the United Kingdom draft resolution as an attempt to "distract" the world's attention from the "catastrophic humanitarian situation" in Yemen.

All four countries are signatories to the Iran nuclear deal.

Amir-Abdollahian stressed that Iran supports Yemen's unity and territorial integrity, and that political resolution involving all tribes and parties is the only way to get out of this crisis.

The text, strongly supported by the United States, won 11 favorable votes at the 15-member Security Council but was blocked by Russia's veto. And yet, Russian Federation still vetoed the condemnation, as they were reportedly skeptical of the experts' conclusions.

Russia's veto of a British-drafted resolution renewing sanctions on Yemen is a setback for the U.S. as it pushes the United Nations Security Council to take a stronger stance towards Iran over its role in regional conflicts and missile tests.

A council resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by Russia, China, the United States, France or Britain to pass. "What we're trying, and have to to actually make these points even clearer than in the past".

A Saudi-led coalition that intervened in Yemen's war in 2015 to try to restore its president to power has conducted frequent air strikes targeting Iran-aligned Houthi rebels and has often hit civilians, although denies ever doing so intentionally.

A proxy war is playing out in Yemen between Iran and USA ally Saudi Arabia.

The Western powers said that the move by the Huthis to fire missiles into Saudi Arabia "has the potential to turn a local conflict into a broader regional one".

The joint condemnation came a day after Russian Federation vetoed a British-drafted resolution renewing sanctions on Yemen and citing "particular concern" about a report's findings on Iran.

  • Tracy Klein