Nashville mayor quits over bodyguard sex scandal

Although she apologized January 31 for the previous affair with a Nashville Police Department sergeant who is now retired, Megan Barry did not resign from office when the relationship was uncovered.

She agreed to reimburse the city $11,000 in restitution, and serve three years probation.

Locals that spoke with News4 said they've been watching the growth and progress in the city and like the former mayor - though they're waiting to hear more about her felony charges.

According to CBS affiliate WTVF, District Attorney Glenn Funk had some witnesses lined up who could testify to the mayor's unlawful expenditure of over $60,000 of taxpayer's money. During that time, their romantic affiliations allegedly occurred on the clock and therefore, resulted in the theft of property from the Metro Nashville city funds amounted to $10,000 spent in the relationship. The Bureau found nude photos of a woman on Forrest's phone, though they did not say whether the woman in question was Barry.

Vice-Mayor David Briley, a Barry ally and the scion of a prominent Nashville political family, became mayor upon her resignation, and will presumably be running in an August special election to fill her four-year term, which ends next year. She was facing multiple investigations regarding a suspicious amount of overtime Forrest drew while traveling with her on multiple trips overseas in her role as mayor.

On Tuesday, she would be the first Nashville mayor to leave office before the expiration of their term in almost a century.

Barry has denied any illegal activity related to the affair.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is expected to resign following a news conference early Tuesday morning, WTVF reported.

The 54-year-old Democrat, who was elected Mayor of Tennessee's bustling capital in 2015, disclosed the affair to the media in late January. Forest pleaded guilty to a similar charge, and also received three years of probation. The affair reportedly began in the spring or summer of 2016. Barry travelled alone with Forrest on nine of the trips, including one to Greece in September, according to the newspaper.

Before becoming mayor, Barry earned an MBA from Vanderbilt University and was an ethics and compliance officer in the telecommunications and health care industries.

As a supporter of Megan Barry's work within her time in office, Maren Morris expressed her grief over the situation going on in Music City.

The mayor of Nashville resigned after a sex scandal. At the time she vowed to remain in office.

  • Steve Townsend