The Bachelor: Hometown visits with Arie Luyendyk Jr

Goodbye, Kendall. We'll remember you for your taxidermy and ukulele playing.

Ironically, it felt like that's exactly what she was to Arie.

Going into his one-on-one time with Becca, Arie said their relationship was the safest and most comfortable. "I think his final three [women] are strong". I'm friends with Becca and she told me! She takes it surprisingly well-a full tear isn't shed until she gets in the vehicle.

"I mean obviously I know that the show ends in a proposal and she's the love of my life, I want to marry her", he tells the former race vehicle driver. To prove that he is taking these relationships very seriously, he stares off into the middle distance, thinking of how he will talk each of the three women into the Fantasy Suites.

Overnight date No. 2 with Lauren: It wasn't a lack of desire to take the plunge that was stressing out Lauren; it was good old-fashioned jealousy. With a level head and maturity well beyond her years, her future looks great. Because if this summer's Bachelorette is chosen from among the final few contestants whom Arie rejects - as is the custom - viewers might care even less, leading the franchise to sink further.

"It just pisses me off, this whole thing pisses me off", Luyendyk Jr. says in a confessional. Ross left, and Becca went to see Arie to make sure they were A-OK, but Arie had doubts. Her ultimate passion has always been to work in the media industry, and while at Academy of Art University, she was able to pick up plenty of real world experience in that field. Nope, none of the above. Arie interviews that he wants to propose in the sand dunes because Becca is ideal.

- Rebecca is 5'7" and has three tattoos: "One on her right foot, one on her wrist, and one on his hand.

After a day spent lounging and smooching on a catamaran, they dined in a tent in the desert.

Becca revealed earlier in the episode that she broke off a seven-year relationship with Ross before she came onto the show.

Did Arie choose wisely or should Kendall have stuck around to meet the family? They must have ended up with sand in some uncomfortable places. "You are so mean", Lunny said to Nielson during the show. "Nothing can get in the way at all". OKHereIsTheSituation has reported that the visitor is Becca Kufrin's ex-boyfriend Ross Jirgl and he comes to the show in order to win back his ex-love.

The next day, the couple appears happier than ever.

To make matters even messier they showed an unaired clip of Krystal after the bowling date incident. And if he really was in Peru to get Becca back, why stop at Arie's room first? Preoccupied with thoughts of the other two women vying for Arie's heart and scared to have her own heart broken, the guarded blond beauty has trouble enjoying the panoramic plane tour of the Nazca Lines.

The visit with Arie was civil enough. Becca is a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN, who has worked with clients including Fox News and Better Homes & Gardens.

Arie mistook him for hotel management, but Ross isn't bringing fresh towels.

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Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s search for love has taken him from Los Angeles to Peru.

"I don't know", responded Ross noncommittally.

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