Trump pick Bolton a 'friend' of Israel, reviled by Palestinians

"The Bolton PAC was obsessed with how America was becoming limp wristed and spineless and it wanted research and messaging for national security issues", said Wylie, a data expert who was a key figure in the founding of Cambridge Analytica. While well aware of the huge casualties that such a war would bring to South Korea and Japan, he nevertheless insisted that the USA had no option but to carry out pre-emptive strikes on North Korea and set out several strategies up to and including a full-scale air war and invasion.

The appointment inflamed concerns about the prospects of a conflict with North Korea.

In 2005, Mr Bolton was appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations by George W Bush, raising eyebrows around Washington - not least because Mr Bolton had only two years earlier been accused of distorting USA intelligence to exaggerate the unproven claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

As Under Secretary, he repeatedly advocated tough measures against the nuclear weapons programs of both Iran and North Korea, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction generally. Recently, on the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal and the airwaves of Fox News, he has emerged as a leading proponent of a preemptive strike on North Korea.

Foreign Policy cited "sources" in its report, saying that Bolton and his staffers would be targeting "officials believed to have been disloyal to President Donald Trump, those who have leaked about the president to the media, his predecessor's team, and those who came in under [President Barack] Obama".

The US has yet to present the long-awaited Trump peace plan amid deep anger from the Palestinians over Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"So I think that it's very troubling that John Bolton has been named as National Security Advisor", Smith said in a Facebook live video Friday.

"Freedman is a very political guy that Bolton likes", a GOP source told Foreign Policy. Coupled with his nomination of the hard-line Central Intelligence Agency director, Mike Pompeo, as secretary of state, Mr Trump is indulging his worst nationalist instincts.

On Iran, Mr. Bolton and the president are in sync, with both arguing that the United States should withdraw from the nuclear agreement by a May deadline.

While it is certainly true that Bolton is an infamous advocate of criminal wars, such criticisms and warnings ring completely hollow. "It may have been forgotten a year into the Trump presidency, but it used to be kind of common sense that in a unsafe world, alliances are what make us strong".

Significantly, the New York Times editorial cites Bolton's attitude to Russian Federation as his one saving grace. And of course, as explored above, he is a chief architect of a war that President Trump (falsely) campaigned on opposing. He has been such a lightning rod that he couldn't get confirmed as United Nations ambassador in 2005 so President George W. Bush gave him a recess appointment, and he stayed in the job about a year. "We talked about it in conference calls, in meetings".

A strong supporter of the Iraq war and an advocate for aggressive use of American power, Bolton was unable to win Senate confirmation after his nomination to the United Nations post alienated many Democrats and even some Republicans. In 2003, he notoriously supported the invasion of Iraq.

And last but most relevant, Bolton's appointment could threaten that which President Trump holds most dear: the adoration of his base.

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  • Tracy Klein