Waymo Partners with Jaguar for Autonomous Fleet with 20000 All-Electric SUVs

Under the agreement, Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo will integrate its self-driving system into Jaguar's I-Pace electric SUVs, the first all-electric offering from the luxury unit of China's Tata Motors Ltd.

Waymo is launching its self-driving auto service to the general public in Arizona this year, and numerous early test riders seem pleased, if the short promo video we saw can be believed, often thanking the vehicle itself for a ride into the future.

"That Waymo want to offer one million rides a day shows they're definitely going after Uber", commented Mr Stevens. Waymo has already been testing its ride-hailing service in the Phoenix metro area since late past year, through a program designed for residents (you need to apply online to become an "early rider").

"Together we will deliver the self-driving Waymo Jaguar I-PACE with the grace, space and eco-pace that customers expect". "I-Pace is the best, next vehicle for Waymo".

This made MI the sixth state to allow Waymo to test its self-driving software on public roads. Other companies, including Waymo, are still testing, however.

20,000 autonomous I-PACE cars are planned, in addition to the numerous Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans that were ordered at the end of 2016. The human-piloted version only went on sale earlier this month, and subject to adding Waymo technology and testing, it's penned for a 2020 self-driving public release.

Waymo's buying up to 20,000 Jaguar I-PACE SUVs and outfitting them with its self-driving tech.

Waymo has already tested its autonomous technology in 25 USA cities, and adding thousands more Pacifica Hybrids and 20,000 Jaguars will support the expansion of its service.

In a safety report, Waymo details the procedures behind each of its different tests for its technology. A woman walking her bicycle across a road in Tempe, Arizona, was struck and killed by an autonomous SUV being tested by the ride-sharing company Uber. "That's the world we're building". Waymo even boasts that it is the only company that has vehicles on the road with no occupants in the front seats. Waymo is also playing the long game as it looks to launch a large-scale transportation service using self-driving vehicles.

  • David Armstrong