'A Quiet Place' roars with $50M at the box office

At the USA box office this week John Krasinski directs himself and his wife Emily Blunt in the new number one film A Quiet Place.

A still from A Quiet Place.

It is a horror movie, and it is also a family drama. "SEE THIS FILM!" Ever the jokester, Blake Lively's husband also shared, "@johnkrasinski and #EmilyBlunt are my new parents.

As far as specialty releases, We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynn Ramsey's new film You Were Never Really Here, starring Joaquin Phoenix, was released by Amazon Studios into three theaters in NY and L.A. where it grossed $132k or $44.3k per venue. This is another example of his commitment to making A Quiet Place an authentic experience for the senses.

Innovations and creativity apart, A Quiet Place gives you the relief for all the silent stress it puts you through - and those are the winning moments of the film. The Warner Bros. film tells the story of a teenage gamer (Wade Watts) who finds himself inside an addictive virtual reality world. It's clear that Krasinski cares deeply for the people he's conjured up, and I found myself really connecting with this family because of this, even though I didn't know a single one of their names or backstories. After his two prior backstage efforts, it would take the ultimate casting for Krasinski to get one last chance. The horror-thriller dystopian film brings together real-life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for the first time (yes that guy from The Office, and the spunky actress from Devil Wears Prada and Sicario). Saturday was as fruitful with $19.1 million, add to that the Sunday estimate of $11.8 million and A Quiet Place will come pretty close to a $50 millionopening weekend. The wrong audience can kill a movie. If you want know why casting Blunt as a stressed-out mom made sense, check her out as a strung-out boozehound on the Train.

This is much, MUCH more subtle than a buzzer hidden beneath a seat however, as anyone in the theater that got buzzed in such a manner might very well be pulled down and have a hand clamped over their mouth just to avoid making too much noise. The odds for such a victory are slim and the lack of racial/social issues in A Quiet Place will hinder its chances at Oscar glory, even with such great reviews. Especially given that the latest installment of that series, the Netflix-dumped The Cloverfield Paradox, was only seen by 2.8 million people in its first three days, per Nielsen tracking.

Hollywood estimated the film, which cost a mere $17 million to produce, would bring in somewhere around $30 million.

Michael Bay also happens to be a producer on A Quiet Place and was happy with the results.

  • Gwendolyn Kim